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** SHOW **

Hello TTS community members, how is everyone doing in here? We have not posted in a long time. We are very sorry about that.

Show announcement...

We are playing Saturday May 14th in Naperville Illinois at the Wheatland Salem Church. With Forgiven Forgotten, Jazz Combo, and a few other indie/hardcore bands. If you'd like to come out and watch, that would be wonderful. This event is a Benefit concert for a family at the church. We would like to have as many people come out and support the family we are having a privillage to play for.

Other news...

Show coming up June 10th at the Garay Morava Rec. Center. More info to follow. This show is very important because it determines if we go to the battle of the bands. It's more of a try out, but having as many fans and a baises as possible there, that would show the judges a thing or two about our performance. There is only to my knowledge, 1 other ska band trying out. Our friends optional rally fun pack.

June 17th is another show we are down to play at a church in chicago. All ska and punk rock show, should be a blast. I hear a bigger band is playing, but those details are in the mix.

Summer tour is still running strong in July. One specific show we are playing is with Mustard Plug in indiana I persume? The show is confirmed and the venue is still being set out. Don't get too excited yet for it though, although playing with the ska-punk band that has led the scene for over 12 years, it will be a privillage to play with them. Hopefully that show will work out.

Take care guys, more to follow. Please visit...

For details

Thank you :)
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