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** Show Update **

Hey everyone, we're playing yet another big ska show in Elk Grove Village. Here we go with another hometown show down, along with some of our friends bands. Please come out, we're playing at 8:45 (second to last).

Please pass the word around about the show!
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chicago cubs, cubs, next year is here


Hey guys, we haven't really updated this journal in a long time. If any of you are interested, please come out to this show!

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chicago cubs, cubs, next year is here


Well Toe Tapping Scoundrels fans, we have some news today. For all of you that attend EGHS, if you'd like to come watch us try out today, you may do so. We go on roughly around 6 o clock pm tonight. We're trying out in the theatre, so if you could make it, help cheer us on! The more support we get, I think it will help us out. If you haven't noticed, where trying out for this years V-show.

Please come today, hopefully you'll enjoy our set!

-Toe Tapping Scoundrels
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chicago cubs, cubs, next year is here


Yes, we scoundrels that toe tap, haven't updated a journal in a coons age. Let alone our web site, whoops. I guess you can say people are busy with thier lives, although, a lot of us really are not. Well, at least the guy who's writing this now hasn't been. But he'll wait for his band to come along so we can start doing work and stuff again.

I really don't know when the next show is, but I can assure you, we'll get some. October sounds like a month for shows, but thats obviously too far away. So we'll keep you posted ok journal nerds?

Love Richy and all of TTS
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chicago cubs, cubs, next year is here

** SHOW **

Hey Toe Tapping Scoundrel community members! We have a show coming up this friday at the Elk Grove Village VFW! Here's the 411 on that...

Friday July 15th

ELk Grove Village VFW Hall

400 E Devon Ave.
Elk Grove Village IL. 60007

Bands: Toe Tapping Scoundrels, Manic Sewing Circle, The Chimney Sweeps, No Dice, Operetta and the Roadkill Eddies

Cost: $6.00

Time: 5:30pm Doors Open!

For Map and Directions visit our website at...

Thank you guys, we hope to see you at the show that night. Oh yes, please mark us down at the door that you came to see us!

Love Richy and TTS

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chicago cubs, cubs, next year is here

** SHOW **

This Saturday June 25th, we are playing the battle of the bands in Prospect Heights Illinois. Let me explain to you how we got this slot...

Prospect Heights has had 4 band nights earlier on this year. In those 4 band nights, 6 bands would perform each of those 4 nights for a chance to get a slot at the battle of the bands. Each night a winner or two was selected to go to the actual battle. The nights they had where like tryouts to go there. In 24 bands total, we where chosen as 1 out of 6 bands from each night to go and perform at the actual battle. We are happy to know that this oppourtunity came about. Each band that places gets a cash prize, and the top 3 bands get a chance to go to the state (national battle of the bands?) August 20th in Springfield Illinois to compete.

We are asking for you guys to help us out and come out to support all of the bands that are performing. Keep in mind, every band will be playing at there best and this is a time that you shouldn't miss. The bands that will be performing are...

Or So It Goes


Domestic Play

Ben Car Ben

Real Lunch

and The Toe Tapping Scoundrels

We guarentee this event will be very very good. We are planning on getting the first slot to play, or the second slot to play that day. Our trumpet player has to be in and out by 2:00pm, thats why we are shooting for the earlier slot.

This show is a FREE!!!!! FREE FREE FREE!!!! EVENT!!!

The show also starts at 12:00pm NOON!

The location of the prospect heights battle of the bands is...

110 West Camp Mcdonald Road

Prospect Heights Illinois

Zip: 60010

This event will be held outside on a professional stage with professional sound and lighting!

Please come out and help support the bands!

Flyer made below by our friend Kelley!!

Image hosted by
middle finger

lookin for a way to kick in the summer?

Friday June 10th
at the Gary Morava Rec. Center
110 west camp mcdonald road
prospect heights illinois 60015

Time: 6:00pm
Cost: $6.00

Bands: Toe Tapping Scoundrels and others to follow! we play at 9:30(headliners)

I hope everyone can come out and watch the event you know? Get to see 7 guys get sweaty playing ska tunes.
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