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** Updates **

I know the band hasn't written in here in a long time. I think it's due to the fact that we are very very busy or something like that. We have tons of news to we go.

** Stickers are schedualed to print tomorrow (all 500 of them) and they will be in next week friday. We will begin to sell them at school at a low price and charge a bit more at shows. I duno why, service charges? Ha Ha we suck! Who plans on purchasing such a great thing to stick to your clothing, back pack, school supplies, or other friendly areas?

** We have a few shows coming up, we'd love to share them with you.

Friday April 22nd
Venue: Knights Of Columbus
Location: 15 North Hickory Ave.
Arlington Heights Illinois 60004
Cost: $6.00
Bands: Toe Tapping Scoundrels, A Girl Named Craig, Les Harvard, Ghettobillies, and more!
Time: Show - 6:00pm doors - 5:30pm

Saturday May 14th
Venue: Congress Theater
Location: 2135 N. Millwaukee Ave.
Chicago ILL. 60647
Cost: $10.00
Bands: Toe Tapping Scoundrels and the rest are TBA!
Time: TBA!

** Other news **

We are excited to head into the studio again to be recording. We are having a 2005 3 song demo out. Our 5 song cd has sold quite well actually (2004 release) and we are hoping to record throughout April.

We are also excited to announce we are touring the midwest this summer with bands like Manic Sewing Circle (chicago) and the Skallyways (indiana). Basically this tour will be out every weekend during the summertime. We'd love it if people can come out on the road with us. We have a tour van in head and everything.

We are ordering new merch this summer to take with us on the road, so that the out of state kiddies can enjoy some TTS things.

** thats all the news for now guys, take care and keep this community running some more!

Love Richy and TTS
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